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Deakin University – 360° Virtual Reality Experience Video

2 May 2016

deakin“The Deakin University CADET Virtual Reality (VR) lab has been working with Flavourtech to investigate how cutting-edge VR technologies can help show customers more about Flavourtech’s unique aroma recovery Spinning Cone Column (SCC).

The result is a Virtual Reality experience where anyone can see the SCC like if you were standing next to it. The emphasis has been on accessibility, it can viewed on any computer or phone with an internet browser,” says Dr Ben Horan, Director of the CADET VR Lab.

The VR experience produced by Deakin further shows customers worldwide the fact that Flavourtech are not only cutting edge but that they are also collaborating with world leading universities such as Deakin with their very impressive VR capabilities. Together they are working on several exciting R&D projects to further enhance Flavourtech’s technologies.”