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Complementary Products

Tailored solutions to meet your needs

In addition to manufacturing and providing individual pieces of equipment and complete process lines, Flavourtech can also manufacture equipment to meet specific requests or applications. Customer led insights have seen Flavourtech design and install a number of tailored solutions for clients across multiple industries. Recent examples include our wine dosing system and cone press.

Wine Dosing System

Through listening to our many wine customers, Flavourtech has expanded its list of products to the wine industry by offering dosing systems for accurate in-line blending of various processing aids, components and additives to wine. This can be done for either one or many component additions.

The design scope is driven by the client’s individual requirement and will depend on how many products need to be added in-line to the wine. Pipe work, valves, instrumentation and control panels are all supplied and installed by Flavourtech. Systems are easy to use and qualified engineers ensure that operators are all trained to use the system once it is installed.

Some of the benefits of the in-line dosing system include:

  • Increased accuracy of dosing as it is computer controlled. Alarm and safety measures programmed into the control panel prevent inaccurate dosing. In case of errors or low volume levels the system pauses, alarms and waits for operator commands.
  • Increased efficiency through a continuous process that can operate 24 hours, seven days a week
  • Reduced labour costs through automated processing
  • Better control of processing with a password protected system and all additions and flows are monitored and recorded for tracking and traceability
  • No stratification within the tank of dosed additives as they are added continuously as the wine is passed to the tank
  • No wastage as a result of human error
  • Easier CIP through automation of tank and line cleaning
  • In-line analytical instruments are available for direct feedback of some components

Products that can be automatically added to wine include:

  • Various base wines
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Bentonite
  • Citric Acid
  • Copper Sulphate
  • Clarified Retentate
  • CO2
  • Grape juice concentrates
  • Nitrogen
  • Sulphur Dioxide

Depending on size and complexity, some dosing system offerings are only available to Australian customers.

Cone Press System

Large Cone Press for water removal from tea slurry

Large Cone Press for water removal from tea slurry

The Flavourtech CP 25 and CP 250 Cone Press is a screw type system designed to separate coarse solids from liquid. This compact, readily-movable system is most suited to removal of larger particulates from a variety of slurries prior to liquid or extract clarification.

Typical applications include:

  • Tea and coffee slurries
  • Citrus waste
  • Grape slurry
  • Plant extracts

How it works

  1. The slurry enters the cone press through the slurry feed chute. Free-run liquid flows through the screen whilst solids are swept toward the pneumatic resistance cone by the action of the screw.
  2. The primary function of the screen is to dewater the slurry. No pressure is exerted on the solids by the screw until they form a cake, which is compressed against the pneumatic resistance cone. This compression effectively expels remaining moisture from the solids prior to their exit.
  3. Further, a pressure gauge and regulator allows complete control over the pressure exerted on the solids and hence, the degree of moisture removal.

Design features of the Flavourtech CP 25 or CP 250 include:

  • Pneumatic resistance cone – the pneumatic resistance cone provides backpressure to the product flow and compresses solids in conjunction with the action of the screw. The cone is angled to facilitate the discharge of solids. Air pressure to the cone may be varied at the regulator thus providing control over the moisture content of the discharged solids.
  • A range of interchangeable cylindrical screens – either wedge-wire or traditional punched-hole screens are available for the Flavourtech Cone Press. A wedge-wire screen has increased physical strength and self-cleaning characteristics when compared to a punched hole screen. However punched-hole screens are superior when dewatering certain solids.
  • Variable speed drive for screw drive motor
  • Locking castors for mobility

Contact us to learn more about these innovative technologies and how they can be applied to your industry.