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FLAVOURTECH and industry partners win government grant for research into NOLO wines

20 July 2023

Flavourtech’s SCC-100 will play a role in the government-funded research project

Flavourtech Pty Ltd and ten other industry partners, including Australian Vintage Limited and The Australian Wine Research Institute, have been granted Australian government funding from the Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) program to further investigate no- and low-alcohol wines. With the assistance of this funding, The Advancement of Australian Lifestyle Wines Project aims to improve the quality, competitiveness and sustainability of Australian NOLO wines.

Our flagship technology, the Spinning Cone Column, will play a pivotal role in the project. The technology, which was developed almost 40 years ago, is the preferred choice for quality wine alcohol adjustment and the production of low- and zero-alcohol products. With the recent growth of zero alcohol beverages, our team has has also developed the Resin Adsorbing Column to assist winemakers in achieving beverages with a final alcohol content of <0.05% abv.

Speaking about the grant, Flavourtech’s GM, Leon Skaliotis, said, “Both the Spinning Cone and Resin Adsorbing Column technologies will be integral to the project and will assist the group in optimising the flavour of no- and low-alcohol wine. Flavourtech are extremely grateful to receive the Australian Government’s support for this exciting project and are proud to be playing a role in the development of Australia’s no- and low-alcohol wine market.”