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Flavourtech releases smaller Spinning Cone Column model

24 February 2021

Flavourtech is proud to announce the newest member of the Spinning Cone Column (SCC) family, the SCC100.

The SCC has been used around the world for over 35 years for aroma recovery, flavour management and extraction. The continuous, automated processing technology allows food and beverage manufacturers to produce high quality products that possess the natural aroma of the raw material.

Our customers have for some time requested a pilot-scale SCC to assist them with R&D work for flavour recovery applications. The new SCC100 has a throughput of 25-115 L/hr and is ideal for use in the laboratory, pilot plant or even small production runs.

The SCC100 is capable of processing liquid products such as coffee or tea extract, fruit juice, milk and botanical extracts. By adjusting certain operating conditions, it is possible to achieve multiple flavour profiles from the same raw material assisting customers with their product development needs.

The new model has an easy to use touch screen, is very compact and has lockable castors. The system has been designed so that it can be quickly assembled, operated and maintained by the user.

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